Born in Wollongong, Australia. Marybeth is known for her onscreen performance as the leading lady in multiple Independent films and television productions. Marybeth was lead in the feature film Kick On(2017), The Ferryman (2018) and short film Miscreation (2018). Other notable credits include supporting role in TV series Made for This (2018), Deadly Woman (2019) and principal cast in Bohemia Theatre’s stage production Whitewash (2018).

Marybeth wears many hats in the industry. She is an actor, model and professionally trained singer. She has worked on major campaigns with large brands such as Marie Claire Magazine, Sukin, King Living, Destination NSW and Vicks to name a few. Eager to tell a story of her own, she has begun co-writing her own series, which is currently in pre-production. Marybeth will be producing and playing the lead in the series, expected to be filmed in November 2019.

Marybeth has completed acting workshops to develop her craft and continues to seek growth by committing to training where she needs development. She has developed her skills at NIDA, AMAW, Sydney Drama School, 75% Old School and various other schools across Sydney. She has received excellent feedback from her tutors and industry professionals on her ability to deliver a believable and authentic portrayal of any character she plays. Her dedication and commitment will take her far in the industry.


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