Mandy Sugar is a daring comedic actress who avoids commonplace, with a love for colorful and quirky characters with an edge of modern relatability. She grounds her work in extensive dramatic training.

Mandy trained at various acting institutes and courses performing, play building and writing in the Captivate Drama Ensemble from 2011-2016, performing in productions such as ‘Our Town Blacktown’, ‘Breeders’ and ‘The Book of Everything’, including self-devised pieces which sparked in her a keen interest in performance poetry and stand up.

Transitioning into screen and stage directing and acting in MQU Hearing Hub, Short, and Sweet where she placed 2nd in the judges choice category, TAFTA, The Audition Technique and Meisner specific at the Actors Pulse and Dramatech. 

Currently writing and shooting her own shorts, she is inspired by characters played by the great Robin Williams and Rebel Wilson. In 2019 she rewrote the iconic ‘voices’ scene from ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ into a modern-day eccentric teen pitching to Centrelink’s Youth Allowance Job Seeking Officers, that she can earn a living using her vocal talents. 

She also wrote and shot a fun, offbeat short about a young lady with extremely overgrown sideburns and two out of work cops with a rap dream bigger than themselves. 

Always excited to play, Mandy is continually writing and acting in her own character creations that are inventive and experimental as well as endearing. 



Acting Agent
Random Management
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Email: [email protected]