Larissa Calarco is an actor, singer, musician, and performer based in Sydney Australia, with a European background. Larissa began dancing, singing, and acting at a young age, gaining experience both on stage and in front of the camera. Having trained at various respected schools, Larissa has worked on TVC, short films, TV, and music videos.

Hungry and excited to further develop her craft as an actor and performer, Larissa is dedicated to training with the industry’s leading professionals on a consistent basis, including The Actor’s Station and 75% Old School, via private coaching and on-going workshops.
Larissa is also an avid singer and musician, proficient in both guitar and piano.

Larissa is a hard working, dedicated, and driven young woman, who also prides herself on living an active, healthy life. Larissa holds a Certificate III in Fitness, as well as a Bachelor of Forensic Science, Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons), and a PhD.

Acting Agent
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