Jacqui Buchanan is an actor and presenter based in Sydney, Australia. Jacqui has a stunning and culturally diverse look and brings a uniquely charming yet fierce personality to her performance. In her time in the industry, Jacqui has established an impressive portfolio playing hero roles in television commercials/ online videos for brands such as Qantas, Tourism Australia, Blistex, Ferrero Rocher, Luxury Lodges Australia, Jacobs Creek, Toyota, KFC, Target and Holden as well as brand films and music videos. Jacqui undertakes regular acting training and recently completed filming lead roles in short films ‘Stranded’ (2018) and ‘Drought’ (2019) and also presents regularly on the Television Shopping Network (TVSN) during live shows. Jacqui is proficient in the UK and American accents and comes from a musical background, singing as a youth in the Australian Girls Choir. Jacqui has ‘real-life’ working experience as a Police Officer (2011-present)


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