Born in Sydney and growing up around the beaches of Cronulla, Harrison was surrounded by the laidback coastal vibes mixed with the city rush. Growing up in a family of dancers, designers and lovers of art, he was able to express himself freely whether that be through surfing and acting.

Harrison spent his teen years competitive surfing around the world as an individual and also for Australia. Through those years of growth and maturing – having experienced the majority of his more detrimental life lessons on the road – Harrison gained a unique understanding of the world and an earnest outlook on life. Being constantly in love yet bewildered by the art of storytelling. He set off to learn, train and master this craft.

Along this journey he has worked with highly regarded professionals such as Les Chantery, Denise Roberts, Phillip Quast and Ben Matthews. Whom have given him the tools, techniques and understanding of what it takes to be successful in the Australian Film Industry. Recently Harrison has graduated from the 2 year Screen Acting Diploma at Screenwise (2019). Available for Harrison in those 2 years was an abundance of tools and techniques he has acquired which give him the ability to tackle texts and stories from both modern day, all the way up to the classics.


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